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Radtel Plan 

Our Radtel plan provides only Radio Telephone services from all 5 sites.

We include 30 free minutes per year on this plan. For calls in addition to the 30 minute limit, paid in arrears cost 20c/minute.

Pre-paid call credit can be purchased for just 10 cents/30 second block (purchased in blocks of 30 minutes).

Credit only expires if the account is closed down.

Accounts are automatically closed if not renewed within 3 months of expiry.

Prepaid call credit can not be refunded.

We also maintain a large number of short form dial numbers previously grouped under our “Emergency Assist” plan. This is now free for users of Radtel.

Our Radtel Plan costs $130/year including 30 minutes per year.

Additional calls are charged annually and are $0.20 per minute.


Automatic Renewal is now available just fill in the Direct Debit Request Form attached in the digital downloads and email to accounts@futuresystems.com.au


Please allow 1-3 business day to receive your licence via email.