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Future Networks

Future Networks is Australia’s best publically accessible HF Radio Network. We have developed Australia’s best publically available, working system providing HF Selcall to SMS, Email and GPS Tracking.

There are a number of organisations in Australia providing radio telephone and sked style services – some of whom have more sites than we have. Our main strength is the integration of HF networks with positioning, data, email, SMS and GPS positioning systems. We also supply some of Australia’s largest HF fleets. We are a Premier Codan Dealer (and integration partner) and we are known for our integration abilities – especially with the Codan product range.

We maintain our own integrated system – Future Networks which we provide to the public and businesses alike (we have some government departments also using the network). This network has 3 sites; in the Hunter Valley, Ti-Tree – near Alice Springs and Wyalkatchem (WA). We also have two further sites in Northern Australia which have only radio telephone services; both of which will be upgraded to the Future Networks functionality over the coming 3 months. We also provide radio telephone services (because it is easy! ), and while we do not provide a business instigated manned base stations and regular schedules, we do allow some of our user groups the opportunity to do so. 

In addition to Future Networks, we also offer our system on a licensed basis to other networks (Public or Private) as a managed service. For instance, if you have a 5 site network that you would like to add the Future Networks functionality to, we can provide a managed service, using your base stations and our back office system to provide those capabilities.

Like to know more about our system? Refer to the menu on the left side of this page to view plans, our base sites, and applications and renewal plans. If you don’t have a HF radio but would like to use one for your next trip, we hire out Codan Envoys with free access to our network.

**Future Networks was previously known as HFoZ and Radtel Networks. 

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